Theo was born in the USA, and started riding from a very early age. As a junior rider, Theo won almost every major equitation championship east coast and west. Rosewood Finals, LAHJA Finals, WCE Medal Finals, USEF Regionals Champion, USET Medal Finals, and 6th place in the ASPCA National Medal Finals under Karen Healey's guidance.

One summer during his junior years, he worked for renowned Dutch horseman Reolof Bril in Westendorp, NL. He loved the feeling of the sport in Europe, and made it his goal to bring that experience back to the US.

Following the completion of school, Theo moved to Belgium in 2011 to work for world champion show jumper Jos Lansink. It is here, where he gained invaluable experience of how to not only ride, but manage horses an the very highest level.

While in Europe, he worked with many top professionals including renowned Dutch veterinarian Rob deVink who focused on the physical conditioning of top sport horses.

Also, Theo spent a great deal of time working with Jan Symons who is one of the most respected dressage trainers in the world. Here, he learned too, how to build horses fitness and conditioning for the top sport horses.

In 2014, a new chapter opens for Theo, as he aims to make a bid for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Here, Theo will focus on importing quality first and foremost, and training horses and riders in association with Jos Lansink Horses in Belgium.